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Actor, Host, Stand-Up Comic, Writer, etc.

Making my acting debut thirty-some odd years ago as a cigar chomping Perry White in Superman – The Musical (yes, the stogie was real…and Cuban), my quest for Oscar® gold has led me on one helluva journey: from warbling Bluegrass to the Teacup Ride queue at Tokyo Disneyland to singing-the-praises of the Stand-Up MRI, I’ve played sons, dads, deadbeats, tricks and an easygoing grease monkey who knows just what to do when your F-110 ain’t up to snuff. I’ve brought life to pageant hosts and Karl Rove, reality shows when they were fake, and looked on supportively as my “wife” literally injected herself with hormones to help us conceive (wonder whatever happened to her).  And, to the best of my knowledge, it’s all listed here, from delightful to dubious, and hopefully it will give you a sense of my breadth of experience.

And, with any luck, more to follow…

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